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  Leica Land, Sea and Nature Binoculars
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LEICA HD Binocular, ULTRAVID 10x50

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Sale Price: $2,249.00
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LEICA ULTRAVID 10 x 50 HD Binocular, 40296

Item No. 472-40296
Manuf. No. Leica 40296

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LEICA ULTRAVID HD 50 - greater sight in low light The Ultravid 50 series are ideal for viewing right into the depths of dusk due to optimized image per formance, thanks to new high-definition lenses and Leica AquaDuraTM coating for greater visibility in poor weather conditions.


These binoculars offer impressive high performance in poor lighting conditions. Detailed viewing is possible even into darkness. The new HD optics ensures that little bit extra in terms of light yield.

Even extreme cold cannot keep the robust Ultravids from delivering the ultimate viewing experience : the new focusing mechanism on the Leica Ultravid HD models works with high-performance Teflon disks and almost no lubrication. This ensures constant smooth focusing - even at temperatures as low as -25 degree, where other binoculars would surely fail.

The Ultravid class

The Leica Ultravid class had already impressed with its outstanding tech nical achievements and its superior optical quality. Now, with the innovative Ultravid HD models with 50, 42 and 32 mm objective diameters, the Leica engineers have once again succeeded in setting new standards. The use of new, fluoride lenses (FL) further optimizes the color fidelity of the images. It has been possible to further increase the level of image brightness - without compromising color fidelity and contrast which are often necessary. In terms of stray light reduction too, the refined HD models achieve new top-of-the-range performance, and thus once again underline the pioneering role played by Leica. As a further benefit, the Ultravid HD range has Leica AquaDuraTM, a new kind of coating for exterior glass surfaces which improves viewing comfort. Fingerprints and dirt can be removed more easily than ever. Moisture simply rolls off the surface and visibility remains unimpaired. This has been made possible by a special glass surface structure. In a similar way to the lotus plant, dirt and moisture find it more difficult to take hold. However, Leica AquaDuraTM does not have any negative influence on the transmission performance of the optical system, and also provides better protection against scratching. It was also possible to further optimize the focusing mechanism. So the functioning properties remain smooth - whatever the surrounding temperature. The end result makes the latest Ultravid HD generation the first choice for all nature observers who do not want to accept compromises in their binoculars, and who expect the highest level of performance. So experiencing nature is even more fascinating.

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