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Sale Price: $4,495.00
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Item No. 757-64036
Manuf. No. SBIG ST-4000XM

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ST-4000XM, KAI-4022M 2048 x 2048, 7.4u, Mono, Self-Guiding ABG, 4.2 Megapixels

The ST-4000XM is a new addition to the "ST" line of self-guiding cameras. It uses a large 4.2 megapixel KAI-4022M monochrome CCD. This sized CCD was previously available only in an STL camera body. The KAI-4022M CCD has 2048 x 2048 pixels at 7.4 microns square. This is the same size CCD used in the STL-4020 camera. The KAI-4022M comes in a single class without column defects. The KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE KAI-4022M is a high-performance multi-megapixel image sensor designed for a wide range of scientific, medical imaging, and machine vision applications. The 7.4 mm square pixels with microlenses provide high sensitivity. The vertical overflow drain structure provides antiblooming protection, and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control to 0.001 seconds. Other features include low read noise, low dark current, negligible lag and low smear. This CCD uses a high gain output amplifier that reduces the read noise by almost half compared to previous versions. Our preliminary tests of this CCD installed in prototype ST camera body exhibits a read noise of less than 8e- rms and a dark current of less than 0.1e- at 0 degrees C. The KAI-4022M CCD is a progressive scan detector with an active image area of 15.2 x 15.2 mm.


  • The largest CCD available in an ST series camera - 100% larger than the ST-2000XM
  • Single-Shot CCD with 300X antiblooming protection
  • 4.2 million pixels: 2,048 x 2,048 at 7.4 microns
  • High resolution on smaller telescopes with 7.4 micron square pixels
  • Built-in TC-237H autoguider for self-guiding
  • External self-guiding with the optional Remote Guide Head containing a TC-237H CCD
  • Mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
  • Electronic shutter for exposure times to 0.001 second
  • Good sensitivity
  • Low read noise
  • Low dark current
  • Thermoelectric cooling with air only or with water circulation
  • Fast downloads - 10 seconds for a high resolution full frame image, 2 seconds for quarter frame
  • Professional software
  • Easy to use
  • Full compliment of optional custom accessories
  • Low price
  • SBIG quality and support
This generous 4.2 Megpaixel CCD is twice the size as the KAI-2020M used in the ST-2000XM camera. It is approximately 50% larger than the KAF-3200ME CCD used in the ST-10XME. With a diagonal measurement of ~21.5mm, it is the largest CCD currently available in the ST series camera body.

The ST-4000XM supports the optional Remote Guiding Head and is fully compatible with the new AO-8 Adaptive Optics accessory. It has the standard ST camera heat exchanger with water cooling capability. With both a mechanical and electronic shutter, the ST-4000XM can automatically take dark frames as needed with exposure times from 0.001 seconds to 1 hour. Self-guiding is possible with either the built-in TC-237H CCD or the optional Remote Guide Head with external TC-237H CCD.

Each new ST-4000XM camera system includes everything you need to :

  • 4.2 Megapixel KAI-4022M Monochrome CCD
  • TC-237H Guiding CCD
  • 4kps USB interface (up to 421,000 pixels per second)
  • I2C bi-directional expansion port, compatible with the new CFW-10 filter wheel and AO-8.
  • Standard accessory / telescope port
  • User rechargeable desiccant plug.
  • Dummy desiccant plug for dust prevention during recharging procedure
  • Electronic shutter for fast exposure times down to 0.001 second
  • Mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
  • 2" Nosepiece internally threaded for 48mm filters
  • Cooling Fan - on/off controlled by software
  • Latest heat exchanger design with water cooling capability
  • Tripod mount 1/4-20 threaded side plate
  • T-thread ring
  • 15 foot USB cable (third party USB extenders available for up to 500 meters!)
  • Adapter plug for telescope interface cable (for autoguiding)
  • Telescope interface cable (for autoguiding)
  • Universal 90-240VAC power supply with on/off switch and power on LED indicator
  • SBIG's CCDOPS version 5 camera control software with new, updated, CCDOPS manual on CDROM
  • Software Bisque's CCDSoftV5 camera control and image processing software
  • Software Bisque's TheSky version 5, level II, with manual on CD-ROM, full working demo version.
  • CCDStack, CCDAutopilot and other free trial software from CCDWARE
  • Equinox planetarium and camera control for the Mac (on request with proof of purchase).
  • Pelican carrying and storage case with custom cut foam
The old SC ID: 757-60036

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