JMI Reverse Binocular Newtonian Telescope 14.5 inch $11,995.99,  JMI RB14.5,Reflecting Telescopes, Famous Brand
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  JMI Reflecting Telescopes
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JMI Reverse Binocular Newtonian Telescope 14.5 inch

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Sale Price: $11,995.99
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JMI 14.5" Reverse Binocular Telescope RB14.5

Item No. 165-67145
Manuf. No. JMI RB14.5

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JMI 14.5" Reverse Binocular Newtonian Reflecting Telescope RB145


  • Ease of Use (no bulky, complicated or expensive mount, just look down into the binocular to see the sky behind you)
  • Six motors for adjusting inter-ocular (eye) spacing, focusing and optical tube alignment with the touch of a button
  • Modified Reverse Crayford focusers
  • Fold-away motorcycle type handle bars for pointing the instrument
  • Handlebar and wheels for easy movement of the instrument
  • Compatible with MAX computers
  • Battery operation
  • JMI's celebrated quality construction
  • Type: Dual Newtonian reflectors
  • Mount: Alt-Az moun attached to a pier mount
  • Mirrors: 14.5" f/4.0 primary mirrors, 3.5" diagonal secondary mirrors
  • Diagonals: Erect Image or Regular (specify)
  • Clearance Between Light Paths: 8"
  • Eyepiece Spacing: Variable from 2" to 3.25"
  • Alignment: Motorized x and y axis for optical tube alignment
  • Power: 6vDC operation with 4.5 amp-hour rechargeable battery with 110vAC/60Hz or 220vAC/50Hz charger (specify). (Anticipated battery life will be measured in months.)
  • Binocular Weight: Approximately 155 lb.
  • Pier Weight: Approximately 27 lb.
  • Binocular Height: 61" at Zenith (measured from top of binocular to bottom of tripod with binocular in vertical position)
  • Binocular Length: 52"
  • Binocular Width: 45"
  • Binocular Depth: 22"
  • The Binocular ships in a crate: approximately 50" x 50" x 52"
Standard Equipment
  • Two 2" RCF-1 Focusers with Motors for motorized focusing
  • Two 30mm Wide Angle Eyepieces
  • Star Pointer Finder Scope
  • Battery: 6vDC battery (includes AC charger)
  • Built-In Handle Bars permit easy movement of the scope
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Q. I've seen this basic design before. What makes JMI's binoculars different?
    A. Other designs of this type usually involve manual adjustments of some kind for focus, eye spacing and image convergence. This results in a large amount of time needed to get the system set the way you want it. Sometimes it takes two people. We have motorized all of those adjustments and the total "tweak" time is lowered from one or two hours to one or two minutes. These adjustments are now made by pushing buttons (while you are comfortably seated) and visually watching the results in real time. This is a huge advantage, especially if more than one person is going to be using the instrument.
  • Q. Can you give me some Pros and Cons regarding the Reverse Binocular design?
    • Using both eyes increases contrast by about 40% and gives a 3-D effect.
    • Using both eyes is far more relaxing. Also, this design allows one to comfortably look down into the binocular instead of craning your neck backwards to look up as with regular binoculars.
    • Alignment with this type of binocular used to take hours but with our motorized design it only takes minutes.
    • The Altitude and Azimuth axis operate as smooth as silk. Optical encoders can be installed for use with a guiding computer to easily find objects.
    • The RB-10, RB-14.5 and RB-16 have an optional Handle Bar and Wheels for easy transport.
    • You must have two matching eyepieces to use the instrument.
    • It takes a little "getting used to," since it is so different from what people are used to.
    • The instruments are a little bulky. The RB-66 is light enough that most people can pick it up by the handle and move it, even with the tripod attached. The RB-10 has a Handle Bar and Wheels accessory available as an option.

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