Astrovid StellaCam3 (CCIR) MONOCHROME CCD Video Integrating Imaging System With Cooled TMS-CCIR European Version $1,245.00,Free Shipping,  Astrovid AV-STCAM3P-TMS,Telescope Digital Cameras CCD Digital Cameras, Famous Brand
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Astrovid StellaCam3 (CCIR) MONOCHROME CCD Video Integrating Imaging System With Cooled TMS-CCIR European Version

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Sale Price: $1,245.00
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Astrovid CCD Camera - StellaCam3 (CCIR) MONOCHROME Video Integrating Imaging System AV-STCAM3P-TMS

Item No. 754-30011
Manuf. No. Astrovid AV-STCAM3P-TMS

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Astrovid - StellaCam3 MONOCHROME CCD Video Integrating Imaging System With Cooled Thermal Management System

The Astrovid StellaCam3 is now available as a COOLED video camera system. The Cooled StellaCam3 represents the pinnacle of astronomical monochrome video imaging!

If you have been waiting for the BEST and most Powerful video system ever created for astronomy, your wait is over! Never before has a cooled video camera of this quality, with unlimited exposure time, been offered to the astronomical community. The Night Sky is truly the limit. Faint objects unattainable in any other video system are now within your grasp. You will reach greater magnitudes and see more deep sky objects in greater detail with your current scope than you could have ever thought possible. You will be experiencing the universe in a whole new way. You will hunt down faint comets, galaxies, supernovae and asteroids never before possible, and all without a computer. You and your friends can enjoy fantastic view of the night sky on televisions and monitors.

In addition to deep sky objects, superb planetary, lunar, and solar imaging can be performed. (See the second page of this product listing for more technical details.)

The Astrovid StellaCam3 also produces some of the highest quality images attainable. In fact, the cooled StellaCam3 is quite comparable to a conventional cooled CCD, with one important exception; you can now View Live Images directly on LCD monitors and large screen televisions. Stars are nice and round. There are no annoying artifacts present. The dynamic range and signal to noise ratio surpasses all other cameras available. This means you will see more detail in your targets with the Astrovid StellaCam3 than any other video camera on the market.

Every component of the cooled StellaCam3 was developed and implemented to give the best possible image. Donýt let the claims of hypered or high gain by some fool you? An increase in gain always increases the noise level in cameras. Some cameras have circuitry to reduce it but the laws of physics dictate that noise levels increase as gain increases. With the StellaCam3 the gain is fully controllable. That means you can easily adjust the gain to give the most pleasing image. The addition of cooling will also increase the signal to noise ratio (a good thing) and also decrease the thermal noise (another good thing). Faint detail that may be lost in noise caused by high gain or uncooled systems will now become apparent. With the cooled StellaCam3, you will see more detail than with any other video system available.

The cooling system was developed by CosmoLogic Systems Inc. This cooling system was formulated over a 1 year period. It has gone through an extensive periods of beta testing and camera trials. It was found to work perfectly. The cooling system uses a regulated single stage peltier cooler. This active cooling design includes a separate power on and timed power off to protect the CCD chip. The CosmoLogic active Cooling system is of much more complex design and implementation than other systems which may damage the CCD chip by formation of condensing water droplets on the CCD chip. Again, the CosmoLogic Systems cooling of the CCD represents the best possible solution for cooling a video camera. It was developed with much care and forethought. The cooling system allows the use of the StellaCam3 in warm climates.

The StellaCam3 With Cooling System includes:

  • Astrovid - StellaCam3 B&W CCD Video Integrating Imaging System (CCIR) With Cooled Thermal Management System
  • 1.5AMP Power Supply
  • 1.25"-C Adapter
  • RCA-F Connector
  • 25' Video Cable
  • Instructions
  • One Year Warranty

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