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JMI Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC and Focusers

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Sale Price: $67.99
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JMI Single axis hand controller HUSC

Item No. 765-65000
Manuf. No. JMI HUSC

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Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC and Focusers

The single-control (controls one motor) linear voltage control (LVC) hand unit includes two forward and reverse buttons (red) and a two-position slow-speed switch (black). The slow-speed switch adjusts from high (left) to low (right). The system automatically changes from slow speed to fast speed when one of the forward or reverse buttons are held down for two seconds or more. This effectively gives the hand unit three speeds very slow (1), slow (1.5 times faster) and very fast (5 times faster). The system includes a 1/8" jack, quick-stop braking and a 9-volt alkaline battery. It can control MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC, EV, NGF and RCF motors. This hand unit gives the best control of any system manufactured by JMI.


The hand unit has two switch-adjustable slow speeds which normally ramp up to a fast speed after two seconds. Placing the slow-speed switch between the two normal positions (high and low) will cause the speed selection to be overridden and the motor will run at very fast speed (5) at all times.

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