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Kendrick Bahtinov Focusing mask for 9.25 inch SCT
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Sale Price: $42.00
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KENDRICK Bahtinov Focusing Mask 9.25" SCT BM-6015

Item No. 766-30006
Manuf. No. Kendrick BM-6015

Kendrick Bahtinov Focusing mask for 9.25 inch SCT, BM-6015


  • Material: plastic
  • Finished Colour: Black
  • WEIGHT: 120 grams, 4.2 oz
  • TUBE DIAMETER FITTING DIMENSIONS: Fits tube ODs 244 mm to 318 mm

We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest family of focusing aids to our Kwik Focus line, the Bahtinov Mask. We are manufacturing the masks in flexible plastic film.The plastic masks are constructed of an opaque black plastic film that is very tough yet very flexible. When rolled up and released, it will revert back to its natural flat state.

This innovative concept was invented by a Russian amatuer astronomer, Paul Bahtinov, and Kendrick is producing these masks with his permission.

The Bahtinov mask allows digital astrophotographers and visual observers to get razor sharp focus in seconds!

The difference in focuser position between the four pictures shown in the accompanying instructions is very small, a few tenths of a mm. The method is very fast and incredibly sensitive. There is no guessing when you are focused during times of poor to moderate seeing. Simply put the mask and the status of your focus will become immediately apparent.

The masks have a series of slots that create a unique diffraction pattern that can be used to quickly bring your telescope to focus with an absolute minimum of fuss.

Note: Unlike the Kwik Focus HARTMANN MASK, a Bahtinov Mask is not a multi purpose tool and is designed specifically for achieving sharp focus.

They come with three tabs that can be used as an aid in connecting the mask to your telescope per a method of your choice. If the tabs are deemed undesirable, they can be trimmed off with a pair of scissors.

Then focus. The graphic in the accompanying manual describes visually what you will see on either side of being focused. This graphic represents movement of the focuser in very small amounts (fractions of a mm). It is extremely sensitive.

The Bahtinov Mask is probably the easiest product on the market to achieve tight focus for digital astrophotographers.

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