Vixen VMC110L 110mm (4.33 inch) Catadioptric f/9.4 OTA Optical Tube Assembly Telescopes (OTA Only) $299.99,Free Shipping,  Vixen 26052,Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes, Low Price
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  Vixen Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes
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Vixen VMC110L 110mm (4.33 inch) Catadioptric f/9.4 OTA Optical Tube Assembly Telescopes (OTA Only)

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Sale Price: $299.99
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Item No. 605-12633
Manuf. No. Vixen 26052

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The Vixen VMC110L 110mm (4.33 inch) Catadioptric f/9.4 OTA Optical Tube Assembly 26052 is a sharp 4.3" Modified Cassegrain Telescope that achieves deep sky views.

The Vixen VMC110L OTA Optical Tube Assembly features a 110 mm (4.33 inch) aperture, a curved vane secondary mirror spider that reduces diffraction effects, and a correcting meniscus lens.

The VMC 110L 110 mm 4.33" Catadioptric OTA 26052 by Vixen also includes a built in flip mirror.

This Vixen VMC110L 110mm (4.33 in) Catadioptric f / 9.4 OTA Optical Tube Assembly 26052, with features found on higher end Vixen Telescopes, is a great pick up and go scope.

Note: The Vixen VMC-110L 110mm (4.33") Catadioptric f/9.4 OTA Optical Tube Assembly 26052 does not come with a Telescope Mount or Tripod. This is a scope you can start with on a basic user-friendly Vixen Porta Mount and later move up to an electronic mount such as the Vixen Skypod Mount or Vixen Sphinx Mount.

Specifications for Vixen VMC110L 110mm (4.33") Optical Tube Assembly 26052:

  • Optical System: VMC (Vixen's original Maksutov-Cassegrain)
  • Primary Mirror: Multi-coated precision spherical mirror
  • Effective Aperture: 110mm
  • Focal Length (focal ratio): 1035mm (f/9.4)
  • Resolving Power: 1.05 arc seconds
  • Limiting Magnitude: 12,0
  • Light Gathering Power: 247x
  • Finder: Dot finder (no magnifying power)
  • Dimensions: Outer diameter - 125mm (4.6 in), Length - 360mm (14 in)
  • Weight: 2.1kgs (4.6 lbs)
  • Accessories: Eyepiece PL-25mm (31.7mm), Allen wrench
Features of Vixen VMC 110L 110mm (4.33in) OTA Optical Tube Assembly 26052:
  • Compact optical tube with VMC optical system having a meniscus in front of a secondary mirror.
  • Curved secondary mirror braces helping to cut down diffraction.
  • Built-in flip mirror allowing to install two different power eyepieces or to photograph objects quickly.

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