Takahashi FCT-200 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Observatory Telescope $250,000.00,  Takahashi TFS2003, Telescopes, Best Buy
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Takahashi FCT-200 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Observatory Telescope

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Sale Price: $250,000.00
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Item No. 111-10360
Manuf. No. Takahashi TFS2003

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The Takahashi FCT-200 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Telescope employs uncompromising quality German optical glass elements both front and a superb Japanese fluorite element in the center for a classic Steinhell design. This observatory-class refractor delivers ultra sharp high contrast images - totally free of chromatic aberrations, with cutting edge resolution of 0.58 arc seconds. All elements in the Takahashi FCT-200 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Telescope are hard multi-coated for maximum light transmission.

The Takahashi EM-3500 Observatory Mount is equipped with 250mm encoders, auto-slewing, and computer control. It includes a turret ocular holder and pier capable of handling a payload of up to 350 lbs.

Takahashi FCT-200 - 8" f/10 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Telescope on Takahashi EM-3500 Observatory Mount

The FCT-200 Fluorite Apochromatic refractor is the largest Fluorite Apochromatic refractor manufactured by Takahashi and it deserves its observatory class status for more than just its size. It's the quality behind the optics...

It's a well known fact that the larger a refractor telescope becomes, the more the optical quality can suffer - unless the refractor telescope is being manufactured by Takahashi. Both front and rear elements of this high quality telescope incorporate German optical glass, known to be exquisitely free of defects and residual color. This legendary quality began the tradition with lens makers such as Zeiss and Schott and continues to this day, each element lending their special dispersive properties to a central fluorite element. This, in turn, frees the image from chromatic aberration. That's why the Takahashi FCT-200 Fluorite refractor excels. The unique optical dispersion of all the elements combined provide a view of crystal clean stars, breathtaking planetary details and resolution beyond your wildest dreams.

The process which creates both the front and rear elements is cutting edge technology. You won't find soda lime glass or ordinary crown and flint here. The 8" fluorite element is the finest available - a chemically and physically stable crystal with outstanding moisture, chemical and heat resistance properties. With an Abbe optical dispersion number of 95 it helps eliminate the diffusion of different colors of light and provides an incredible black background sky that you won't find anywhere this side of being in space.

But, incredible elements alone aren't what sets the Takahashi FCT200 Observatory-class refractor telescope apart. All of the elements are hard multi-coated, too... and not just any type of coating is appropriate for all substrates. It has to be chosen carefully for its performance properties - improving durability and controling surface reflections. Takahashi has kept that in mind, too. And that why the FCT-200 Fluorite Apochromatic refractor has the finest specially formulated hard coatings available on all of its elements, protecting the sensitive fluorite and adding the diffusion anti-reflective properties required to achieve Takahashi's exacting performance standards.

Once the optical elements are ready, it's time to house them in a perfectly engineered telescope body. Crafted from the highest grade of heavy-walled aluminum and then power coat finished in a rich snow white, the optical tube interior is knife-edge baffled and anti-reflection coated to eliminate any off-axis reflections. Each lens cell is precision machined to exacting tolerances to align its precious optical cargo with 100% accuracy - and collimated to an incredible resolution factor of 0.58 arc seconds. In addition, each lens cell is adjustable with three push-pull screw sets. With a light grasp 816x more capable than the human eye, the Takahashi FCT200 can easily achieve magnitude 13.3... and do it without spurious colors or image distortion. Its 8" (200mm) aperture provides 2000mm of focal length at a focal ratio of f/10 - able to uphold the magnification you desire and the performance you demand.

But no telescope is complete without its mount, and that's why the Takahashi FCT200 Fluorite ED Triplet Refractor Telescope is best with the Takahashi EM-3500 Observatory Mount. This computerized, GoTo Mount is comes with its own permanent pier and is capable of supporting a payload of up to 350 pounds with 2.5 arc second accuracy. Auto slewing with speeds between 400X and 700X and control software combined with 250mm encoders means you can take full advantage of the Takahashi FCT200 Fluorite refractor's astrophotography applications - putting that 2 photographic field and 2.6" (65mm) image circle to full use. This mount, one ton pier and telescope can handle a broad spectrum of research grade equipment, and do it with the quality and accuracy you expect from Takahashi.

SPECIFICATIONS for the FCT-200 (Tube)

  • Optical System Fluorite Apochromat Triplet
  • Aperture 200mm
  • Focal Length 2000mm
  • Focal Ratio f/10.0
  • Light Grasp 816x
  • Resolution .58"
  • Limiting Magnitude 13.3
  • Image Circle 65mm
  • Photo Field (w.reducer) 2 degree
  • Tube Diameter 256mm
  • Length of Tube 2300mm (90.55in.)
  • Weight 62.1kg (137lbs)
  • Finder scope 11x70, FS-102


  • Provides 2.5 arc second accuracy and employs 250mm encoders.
  • Takahashi EM-3500 Temma II Mount weighs 2000 lbs. with pier.
  • Capable of a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
Note: Due to the weight and quality of this instrument, shipping to your destination cannot be estimated online, please call us before placing your order for this product.

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