Takahashi TSA120 - 120mm f/7.5 APO w/EM-200 Temma II Mount $14,220.95,Free Shipping,  Takahashi TSS0121,Refracting Telescopes, Top Ten
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Takahashi TSA120 - 120mm f/7.5 APO w/EM-200 Temma II Mount

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Sale Price: $14,220.95
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Item No. 111-10380
Manuf. No. Takahashi TSS0121

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Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet Refractor Telescope with EM-200 Temma II Mount, TSS0121

The "T" stands for Triplet and an air-spaced triplet design is exactly what you'll get. Inside the precision crafted lens cell, you'll find three elements, two extreme quality crown and flint glass, with an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched in between. While traditional refractor designs use oil in between elements, Takahashi doesn't... that means no oil to possibly leak out or become opaque with age.

The "SA" stand for "Super Apochromat" and Apochromatic means you're free from those strange violet glows which often accompany bright stars or planets. The lens cells are durably constructed to withstand transport - yet are fully able to be collimated should the owner wish to make adjustments. Just like its little brother, the TSA-102S, the optics on the Takahashi TSA-120 will be, we are sure, as near to perfection as you can get! The color free images produced will delight the lunar, planetary and deep sky observer with very high contract images with pinpoint stars.

The Takahashi EM-200 Temma II is an accurate, precision-built GoTo German equatorial mount that provides a stable platform for payloads of up to 40 pounds. It is an ideal mount for any type telescope, be it a refractor, reflector, or cassegrain. The modern aesthetic design of the EM-200 is highly attractive as well as beautifully functional. The RA and DEC stepper motors are fully integrated into the mounting,and the high precision design and construction provides cyclic errors lower than +/- 5 arc seconds.

The integrated polar alignment telescope has an illuminated reticule which can be dimmed to suit the user or observing conditions. In conjunction with the precision altitude and azimuth adjusters, this will typically give polar alignment accuracy within 2 minutes of arc of the celestial pole. Included in this package are an RS232C cable, ST-4 or ST-7 cable, shaft encoders, hand controller, power cord for both 12V and 24V operation, and software. The new style EM-200 mounts include the ability for operation on 12v or 24v and feature high speed slewing at 350x [sidereal rate] at 12v and 700x at 24v. 12V operation takes place with the use of the hand controller only. The mount will then function just like the EM-200 USD model (no GoTo functions). However, with the use of the hand controller and your PC, you can operate with 12V or 24V (two 12V batteries connected in series). 12V will give you a slewing speed of up to 350X sidereal, and 24V will produce slew speeds of up to 700X. A hand controller and power cable for 12V/220V battery connection is included. A PC is required for GoTo operations.

Specifications of Takahashi TSA-120 and Temma II

  • The Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor has a 900mm focal length (f/7.5) and a tube diameter of 125mm.

  • The Ortho-Apochromatic Triplet Lens incorporates an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched between crown glass to eliminate chromatic aberration.

  • The weight of the Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor tube assembly is 12.6 pounds and the tube length is approximately 28.25" when collapsed.

  • The Takahashi EM-200 Temma II Mount is fully GoTo functional when controlled with your PC.

  • Includes at latitude scale from 0 degree to 50 degree and integrated polar finder.

  • The Takahashi EM-200 Temma II Mount includes hand controller, cables, and software.

    Maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs.

Features of Takahashi TSA-120 and Temma II
  • Aperture: 120mm
  • Focal Length: 900mm
  • Focal Ratio: 7.5
  • Tube Length with Dew Shield: 990mm
  • Tube Diameter: 125mm
  • Diameter of Dew Shield: 713mm (28")
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs
  • Resolution: 0.97
  • Limiting Magnitude: 12.1
  • Back Focus: 227.5mm (8.93")
  • With TOA-35 Flattener:Focal Length: 882mm - Focal Ratio: f/7.3 - Optical Performance: 7 micron RMS-spot to 20mm off axis
  • Image Circle: 40mm - Image Field: 2.6" diameter.
  • With TOA-35 Reducer: Focal Length: 672mm - Focal Ratio: f/5.6 - Optical Performance: 4 microns RMS-spot on axis, 6 microns 10mm off-axis, 13 microns 20mm off-axis, 40mm/3.4" field
  • German Equatorial Mount
  • R.A. and DEC. Slow-Motion Motor driven. Encoders Included.
  • Azimuth Adjustment +/- 15 degree
  • Elevation 20 to 50 degree
  • Polar Finder / Accuracy Built-in / 2'
  • R.A. Setting Circles Accuracy 10 arcminutes
  • DEC. Setting Circles Accuracy 2 degree.
  • Weight (without counterweights) 15 kg
  • Counterweights 2 x 5kg
  • Maximal Loading Capacity 18 kg (without counterweights)
  • Optimal Loading Capacity 15 kg (without counterweights).
  • Operating Voltage 12V / 24V DC
  • Power Consumption NC
  • Tube Mounting 2 x M8 screws (35mm)
  • Mounting Capacities Tube rings, plates and dovetail mounting plates,
  • R.A. axis diameter. (material) 40 mm (bronze)
  • R.A. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 18 mm (iron)
  • R.A. gear diameter (material) 92 mm/180 teeth (bronze).
  • DEC. axis diameter (material) 40 mm (iron)
  • DEC. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 18 mm (brass)
  • DEC. gear diameter (material) 92 mm/180 teeth.
  • Stepper Motors Accuracy 50 PPS
  • Slow motion speeds 0,1x to 1,9x sidereal rate
  • High speed mode 50x sidereal rate.
  • Worm gear shaft cycle 8 minutes
  • Tracking accuracy +/- 5"
  • Autoguiding SBIG ST-4/7 compatible

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