Takahashi Telescope Epsilon-180ED f/2.8 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph OTA $5,999.00,Free Shipping,  Takahashi TEK0180, TEK0181, Accessories, Cheap Price
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Takahashi Telescope Epsilon-180ED f/2.8 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph OTA

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Sale Price: $5,999.00
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Item No. 611-50600
Manuf. No. Takahashi TEK0180, TEK0181

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Takahashi Epsilon-180ED f/2.8 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph OTA

Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph design offers up and amazingly fast effective focal ratio of f/2.8! The Takahashi Epsilon 180ED catadioptric extra low dispersion optics provide high quality images for visual observation and large field imaging needs. Wide, perfectly flat field supports traditional photographic formats as 24x36 (35mm), 6x6, 6x9 and works perfectly with mega pixel digital 35mm cameras and CCD imagers.

The Takahashi Epsilon 180ED newly designed corrector provides incomparable contrast and sharpness - combined with extreme accuracy. Appreciably shorter exposure times reduce tracking error and produce 10 micron stellar images across the entire field. The Takahashi Epsilon 180ED picks up faint details and nebulosity missed by slower instruments! This fast field photo visual astrograph is perfect for the new multi-mega pixel digital 35mm cameras and CCD imaging equipment - not to mention traditional film methods with a 35mm camera, too! The super fast focal ratio of f/2.8 not only means shorter exposure times, but picking up details normally invisible to slower focal ratio telescopes, such as faint extended nebulosity and details in galactic structure. Are you looking for that faint comet? You'll find it with the Takahashi Epsilon180ED...

What makes the Tak Epsilon 180 Astrograph special? It's in the newly designed extra-low dispersion two element corrector housed in a rotating focuser assembly. No one knows optics like Takahashi and the ED design provides incomparable contrast and sharpness - combined with extreme accuracy. Not only is it a suitable visual instrument, but it's one capable of producing 10 micron stellar images across the entire super-flat field. The speed means your exposure times become a fraction of what they would once require to capture the image and that means even less chance of tracking errors or random chance affecting your astrophotography.

Super solid, heavy duty construction means transportable gear that won't lose its collimation. Its mechanical design quality, perfectly matched with its optics, give you set-up flexibility that's hard to match in other astrophotography oriented telescopes. Now you can make initial collimations and install your photographic equipment in advance - saving your precious dark time to concentrate on the essentials - to set your imaging process. This fast control of your telescope put the Takahashi Epsilon-180ED Astrograph ahead of its class and makes your experience a much more pleasurable one.

The low profile Crayford focuser has a rotary connector system for framing. It allows you the option of use when it comes to the ED corrector assembly and it can be removed if desired. A microfocuser (MEF-1) is available as an optional accessory. In place, the Crayford and corrector will yield a 44mm (1.7") flat field image circle, large enough to cover a 35mm sized CCD chip. The effective focal length of the Takahashi Epsilon 180ED Astrograph is 19.7" (500mm) and its metal back distance measures 2.2" (56mm). The perfect correction of field, covering the entire image circle, is shown the spot-diagram (see "Images/Articles"). The diffraction pattern almost does not present a residue of coma in periphery. In the same way, the 4-lenses corrector practically does not generate any chromatism.

The Takahashi Epsilon-180ED Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph telescope design isn't as strenuous on the user. Because it's not a high-resolution reflector, it is far less sensitive to collimation issues. Unlike the Cassegrain-style, it isn't necessary to perform a star collimation at every set-up. The primary mirror cell is supplied with three dual-action collimation screws that either push or pull. To keep flexure of the primary mirror under control during temperature change, there are also three screws with counter-nut adjustments to regulate the pressure on the primary mirror. What's more, you'll find there are reference marks on both mirror assemblies to ensure perfect alignment of the optical axis. Thanks to Takahashi, this simple system and its collimation eyepiece created for the Epsilon-180ED, means that critical adjustments are quick, slick and easy.

In the long run, you'll be very pleased with your choice of the Takahashi Epsilon180ED f/2.8 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph. You'll get a superior contrast image with pinpoint stars right out to the edge of the field. Despite being mainly a astrophotography-minded telescope, the Tak Epsilon-180ED will still give first rate performance as a large field optical instrument, too... with huge views of deep sky such the entire Andromeda Galaxy and its neighbors, the Lagoon and Trifid Nebula together, and much more. It's a comet sweeper and a keeper.... and the extraordinary possibilities of your astrograph are unlimited.

Features of Takahashi Epsilon180ED f/2.8 Hyperbolic Flat-Field Astrograph Telescope

  • Dual action collimation screws, mirror tension adjustment and collimation marks make critical alignments fast and easy.
  • The low profile Crayford rack-and-pinion focuser has a rotary system for framing and provides 56mm of backfocus from the end of the corrector.
  • Extra-low dispersion two element corrector combined with hyperbolic primary mirror produces flat field images with no coma or chromatism.
  • 180mm effective aperture provides a light grasp of 661x at a limiting visual magnitude of
  • 13.0 with an outstanding resolution factor of 0.64 arc seconds.
  • Focal length of 500mm and focal ratio of F/2.8 yield 44mm image circle - 60% not vignetted.
  • M54mm female thread photographic connector on the corrector (for wide T-mount) included.
  • Tube Dimensions: 570mm/22.4" (length) - 232mm/9.13" (diameter) - 22 lbs/10.7 kg (weight).
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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