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Optec Hamamatsu R6350 Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)

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Sale Price: $350.00
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Item No. 782-22660
Manuf. No. Optec 17015

Free Shipping (within the 48 contiguous US States only)

This PMT is an option of SSP-5 Photomultiplier Tube Photometer. The PMT is a 9-stage side-on low-noise photomultiplier housed in a small -inch diameter enclosure. The system is powered by a small 12 VDC universal power supply.

With the R6350 PMT option, the SSP-5 can exhibit an S-5 response similar to the original 1P21 photomultiplier tube.

For researchers interested in greater low light sensitivity and extended red response to 830 nm, the R6358 PMT option is available.

The SSP-5 Photometer is the central part of a complete stellar magnitude measurement system as shown in the system diagram below. This latest version of the SSP-5 features a serial output port for connection to a PC or laptop computer. An interface program called SSPDataq (freeware) is available with updated version found on the Optec web site. This program allows for data capture in any color and reduction of B and V magnitudes. The SSP-5 is intended for serious observers and it is recommended that the prospective user consult the SSP-5 manual fully before deciding to purchase.


  • Part Number: R6350
  • Type Side: on
  • Size: 13mm
  • ActiveDia/L: 4mm
  • ActiveHeight: 13mm
  • Min: 185nm
  • Max: 650nm
  • Peak Sens.: 340nm
  • Cathode Radiant Sensitivity: 48mA/W
  • Window: UV Glass
  • Cathode Type: Sb-Cs
  • Cathode Luminous Sensitivity: 40mA/lm
  • Cathode Blue Sensitivity: Index 5
  • Red White Ratio: -
  • Anode Luminous Sensitivity: 300A/lm
  • Gain: 7.5E+06
  • Dark Current after 30 min.: 0.5nA
  • Rise Time: 1.4ns
  • Transit Time: 15ns
  • Number of Dynodes: 9
  • Applied Voltage: 1000V
  • Multi Anode: N
  • Notes: For UV - visible range. general purpose. photon counting type
  • Assembly: H7710-15 H8567-05 H7711-15 H7712-15 H8568-05 H8569-05
  • Magnetic Shield: E989-10
  • Socket Bare: E678-11U E678-11T
  • Socket + bleeder assy.: E850-13 E850-22
  • Power Supply: C4900 C4900-01 C4900-50 C4900-51 C4710 C4710-01 C4710-02 C4710-50 C4710-51 C4710-52 C3830 C4720
  • Amplifier: C7319 C6438 C5594 M7279 M8879

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