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Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T FL 7MP Digital Camera Spotting Scope

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Item No. 250-15000
Manuf. No. Zeiss 528100

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Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T FL 7MP Digital Camera Spotting Scope, 528100

The revolutionary new Victory PhotoScope 85 T* FL from Carl Zeiss is the first spotting scope of its kind to combine long-range observation and photography into one seamless, high-performance unit.

The PhotoScope complete integration of premium panoramic observation optics and a high-power, 7 megapixel digital camera with a super tele lens, makes it the ideal spotting scope for birders, aspiring wildlife photographers, guides and outdoor enthusiasts who want to simultaneously observe and digitally capture every stunning detail of animals and objects in the field.

Simply put, Carl Zeiss has reinvented long-range observation and photography with this rugged, weatherproof scope. As an observer you will enjoy wonderfully clear, wide-field panoramic views at 15 to 45 power, and, you will be able to easily and quickly capture high quality images of the animals and objects you see. Or, as a photographer, you will be able to take high quality photographs?of birds and wildlife from far enough away that you are not likely to disturb what you are photographing. You will also be able to see what you are photographing in crystal clear detail, unlike the dimmer images you would see through a DSLR with long telephoto lens. This is a new experience for both observers and photographers.

The unique 3x objective zoom of the PhotoScope, coupled with the panoramic eyepiece, provides a wide, easy view at 15 to 45 power: so wide it has to be seen to be believed. With an apparent angle of view of 68?at 15x (that is a field of view of 240 ft @ 1000 yds), it is up to 40% wider than a conventional spotting scope. And, because of its unique optical design, the PhotoScope maintains a wider field of view through its full magnification range, and it does so without losing image brightness as you zoom. The PhotoScope also produces exceptionally bright, crisp and high-contrast images thanks to the newly computed 3x zoom lens with FL elements. A beam splitter makes this brilliant image available for both visual observation through the eyepiece and digital photography.

As a digital camera, the PhotoScope provides a truly superior telephoto lens: photographically the equivalent of a 600mm @ f4.0 to 1800mm @ f5.6 zoom lens on a 35mm camera, long and bright enough for practical photography at a good range of distances in a wide variety of conditions in the field. The PhotoScope has a fold-out OLED monitor located on its left side featuring a 2.8 inch screen on which the image can be seen and camera parameter settings can be made via remote control. The PhotoScope can be operated on full auto for the easiest experience, on programmed auto with quick on-screen access to the most used settings without opening the menu system, or any variety of custom or manual settings (white balance, metering patterns, sharpness, contrast, bracketing, etc.) via an extensive menu system. 7mp images (3052x2284 pixels) are captured in your choice of JPEG compressions, DNG Raw, or AVI (motion video at 320x240 resolution).

If you have ever tried to digiscope (photograph through the eyepiece of a conventional spotting scope) or use a DSLR adaptor on your spotting scope, you will be amazed at just how easy the PhotoScope is to use. Even traditional long lens DSLR photographers will be surprised at the new possibilities such a rugged, weatherproof, relatively light-weight 600-1800mm instrument of this quality will open. And for the first time, you will really be able to see and enjoy what you are photographing. This is not long range photography as it has ever been practiced before. It is easy and fun. It is a new experience. And again, after an hour in the field with the PhotoScope, you will be reluctant to return to conventional long-range photography.

Unlike SLR and DSLR cameras with a hinged mirror, the beam splitter projects the image to the low-noise 7 megapixel sensor. There is no mirror-slap to cause noise or vibration. Because the camera is triggered by an electronic remote-control, you avoid much of the blur caused by camera shake which is always a problem with such extreme focal lengths. The PhotoScope optics are waterproof and nitrogen filled while the housing is rubber armored and fully weather sealed. The PhotoScope weighs one half to one third of what a DSLR and long lens combo weighs, making it an instrument that you can carry in the field all day, almost any day.

Specifications for Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T* FL

  • Magnification 15-45x
  • Entrance Pupil max. 85mm
  • Field of View (1000 yds.) 240-81 ft.
  • Close Focusing Distance Approx. 16.5 ft.
  • Length 17.25in.
  • Weight Approx. 6.5 ounces.
  • Image Sensor 7MP CCD (3052x2284)
  • Focal Length (corresponds to 35mm) 600-1,800mm
  • Nominal f-ratio?f2.4 @ 93mm, f3.3 @ 280mm
  • Effective f-ratio f4.0 @ 600mm, f5.6 @ 1800mm
  • Largest Aperture (nominal) 2.4 at 15x, 3.3 at 45x
  • Shutter Speeds B-1/4000s
  • File Format JPEG, DNG (RAW), AVI
  • Power Supply 7.4 V Lithium-ion Battery
  • Connections USB 2.0, External Power
  • Storage Medium SD Card
  • Rainproof Yes
  • 15-45x eyepiece
  • 85mm photoscope
  • Eyepiece cap
  • Objective lens cap
  • Remote control with 2 batteries
  • Charger with rechargeable battery and universally compatible adapter plugs
  • Padded case
  • 1 GB SD memory card
  • Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty

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