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Particle Wave Full Index Adapter for 7 inch Blank

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Sale Price: $350.00
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Item No. 683-14030
Manuf. No. Particle Wave P7FIAB

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Particle Wave Full Index Adapter for 7 inch Blank, P7FIAB

All Full Index Adapters are fully engineered for their respective mounts and are machined from billets of aluminum with all stainless steel hardware. All Full Index Adapters (FIA) include build-in 20 minute accuracy levels (glow in the dark) and compass.

Full Index Adapter (FIA) 360 degree rotating pier adapter

One of the most important features of the Monolith is its leveling feature. Monolith can be setup up on a reasonably sloped or uneven ground and leveled without compromising stability. Traditionally, leveling with fixed height legs has been achieved by changing the spread of the legs or by placing a block of wood or a similar spacer under one or two legs. These methods of leveling, though functional, make the setup less stable. For example, if changing the spread of the legs is used for leveling, pulling one or two legs in closer to the body of the tripod/pier to level the mount which decreases the spread of the legs, hence the radius formed by the legs, while increasing the height of the mount/telescope and the overall center of gravity. In the case of using spacers to achieve a level state, the mount and telescope height is increased, again placing the center of gravity higher. Clearly, both methods compromise stability of the system.

Monolith also uses the spread of the legs, as well as the fine height adjustment build-into the feet, to level the mount. But what makes Monolith different is the fact that the leg opposite the carry handle has an extra 8 degrees of travel. On sloped or uneven ground, Monolith is positioned with the leg opposite the carry handle up the slope and the other two legs, fully spread, down the slope. The extra travel of the leg opposite the carry handle is then used for leveling the mount. This arrangement actually lowers the center of gravity while increasing the spread of the legs and the base radius, making the leveled setup far more stable than the leveling methods previously mentioned.

If setup up on sloped ground, or not in the right orientation, a simple bolt-on adapter plate will not suffice, because the Monolith and the mount atop could be positioned away from the north. Since most mounts only have a maximum of few degrees of adjustment in azimuth, the adapter plate will have to be detached and or the pier would have to be rotated to position the mount properly. This rotation, depending on the mount, the adapter plate and bolt positions, could be 120, 90, 60 degrees (or somewhere in between).

In similar circumstances, the full index adapter plate is designed to take full advantage of the leveling capability of the Monolith, without the limitations of a standard bolt-on adapter plate by providing 360 degrees of rotation without the need to be removed and repositioned. The rotation and repositioning can be quickly accomplished with or without the mount attached. The full index adapter plate is machined from a solid piece of 6061 T-6 aluminum and comes standard with a high quality compass and four highly accurate glass level vials (10 minutes accuracy). The vial levels are viewable from the top and from the side (the side view is useful while adjusting the height and leveling using the height adjustment built-into the feet). The full index ad pate is 0.5" to 0.8" thick depending on the mount and very solid. As with Monolith, it has structural ribbing to make the adapter lighter without sacrificing rigidity.

The Full Index Adapters can accept other mounts with the appropriate adapters. For example, with the Takahashi NJP adapter, one can mount the NJP on the Universal adapters.

Adapters available are:

  • Astro-Physics 400/600 and Mach1
  • Takahashi EM-10, EM-110, EM-200, NJP, EM-400 and EM-500
  • Losmandy GM-8, G11, HGH-200 and Titan
  • Celestron CGE
  • Other custom adapters

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