Takahashi FSQ85ED Telescope with EM11 Temma II Mount $11,902.00,  Takahashi TSS0851,Reflecting Telescopes, Top 10
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Takahashi FSQ85ED Telescope with EM11 Temma II Mount

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Sale Price: $11,902.00
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Item No. 111-10083
Manuf. No. Takahashi TSS0851

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Takahashi FSQ85ED with EM11 Temma II Telescope Package, TSS0851

The Takahashi FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope provides over 200mm of backfocus to accommodate demanding applications.

  • Modified Four Element Double ED Petzval design eliminates astigmatism, coma, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration and field curvature.
  • Outstanding flat field with 60mm image circle and accepts medium format CCD cameras or Digital SLRs.
  • Includes 72mm rack and pinion focuser with built-in 360 degree rotatable camera angle adjuster.
  • High order of color correction produces outstanding images and extremely fine visuals.
  • The Takahashi EM-11 Temma II Mount supports up to 25 lbs. and is "GoTo" operational with your PC.
  • The Takahashi FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope is airline portable at only 12.68 long!
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Takahashi FC-L Tripod
  • Tube Holder
  • 6X30 Finderscope
  • Finderscope Bracket
  • 1.25" Diagonal
  • 18mm LE Eyepiece.
Takahashi FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope and Takahashi EM-11 Temma II Mount

Introducing the new "Baby Q" Takahashi FSQ-85! The Takahashi name has long been regarded as one of the finest refractors available for film and CCD imaging. Wide field, large image circle, excellent color correction and a flat field were just some of the notable points of these fine instruments.

The "Baby Q" Takahashi FSQ85ED telescope is the newest and smallest member of the FSQ Series of flat field astrographs. Designed from the ground up for digital imaging, the Baby Q is the go anywhere, portable astrograph. Easily airline transportable at 12.68 [322mm] collapsed, the FSQ-85ED will fit under an airline seat or fit easily into an overhead compartment for ultimate portability. Take the Tak Baby Q to Chile to image the Magellanic Clouds or to a remote site anywhere in the world. At less than 9 pounds, a small, high quality mount turns it into a traveling astrophotographer's dream.

Let's start with a significantly longer backfocus at more than 200mm to accommodate most medium format CCD systems. Many CCD imagers have additional equipment in the light path which takes up precious focus travel. Thanks to a new design, the FSQ85ED provides the additional backfocus to accommodate most medium CCD equipment, your digitial SLR and even allows the use of binoviewers!

The Takahashi FSQ-85ED telescope comes equipped with a newly designed heavy-duty 78mm focuser with a built-in camera angle adjuster. Designed for all applications in mind, the focuser will lift your equipment, and keep it there without slipping. Do you need to make adjustments? No problem. Takahashi has thought of that, too... And that's why they've designed the adjuster to rotate a full 360 degree without loss of critical focus.

Takahashi has redesigned the optical system in the Takahashi FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope to a modified four element double ED Petzval system . By adding a second doublet inside the tube, the optical wavefront can be optimized to remove any astigmatism - this in turn acts as a field flattener. The Takahashi FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope optical system is incredible for imaging - providing wide, flat fields, high contrast and no lateral color, yet it is also capable of outstanding visual work delivering a whalloping 7.0 degree of sky in a compact package. Color correction from the near UV to the near IR insures tight stellar images across the entire color range. Use the optional Takahashi Extender-ED focal reducer for imaging applications to or to increase focal length for high power viewing.

Another improvement on the new Takahashi FSQ85ED is the enhanced portability from the new, retractable, self-storing dew shield design. The Takahashi FSQ85ED is extremely airline portable at only 12.68 long when the dew shield is collapsed and stays in a tidy package. Inside the all aluminum tube, you'll find knife-edge baffles block off axis light and provide maximum contrast. Outside you'll find the perfect fit and finish with its rich white color and ebony and scarlet trim. The focuser and the aluminum castings will continue to be made one at a time for consistent, optimal quality. That's a Takahashi guarantee.

Takahashi - FSQ85ED F5.3 Astrograph Telescope Features

  • Uses a newly designed Extender-ED 1.5x to increase focal length for high power viewing.
  • Focal length with Extender-ED 1.5X: 328mm
  • Designed from the beginning for digital imaging.
  • Image circle with Extender-ED 1.5X: 44mm
  • Focal ratio with Extender-ED 1.5X: f/8
  • Metal back with Extender-ED 1.5X: 117.5
  • Highly portable for worldwide or remote site uses.
  • Tube Length: 322mm [12.68] w/lens shade collapsed.
  • Total weight: 3.9kgs [8.58lbs]
About the Takahashi EM-11 Temma II Mount

The Takahashi EM-11 Temma II Mount is a high quality, light-duty German Equatorial perfect for application with a small refractor. Capable of supporting up to a 25 pound payload and a periodic error limited to less than 10 arc-seconds, this lightweight, compact unit is capable of GoTo operation with your PC.

Capable of being used anywhere in the world, you'll find the dual axes, quartz control ready with a driving frequency of 100pps N/S, Star/Sun and switching by hand controller. The high speed drive operates at speeds of 120X using DC12V and 250X at DC24V. For manual operation correcting speed you get RA: 0.1 ~ 1.9x to the sidereal rate by 0.1X increments and in Dec: +/- 1.5 ~ 13.5 arc sec/sec by 1.5 arc sec/sec increments. While the unit is operating, a mode indicator light in red signals high speed while a green light indicates normal. Working on either a DC12V or DC24V power source, the power consumption rate is DC12V: 0.3/1.3A (1.7A) sidereal/high speed (start). DC24V: 0.3/1.9A (1.9A). No worries about where you are either, this unit is capable of withstanding temperatures between -5 right up to +30C. Included is a RS232C cable or RJ-11 cable and Pegasus 21 software. Just hook up your PC to the Takahashi EM-11 Temma II Mount and you're "GoTo" ready!

EM-11 Temma II Mount Specifications

  • Type German Equatorial Mount
  • R.A. Slow-Motion Motor driven
  • DEC. Slow-Motion Motor driven Azimuth Adjustments +/- 10 degree
  • Elevation Adjustments 20 to 50 degree
  • Polar Finder / Accuracy Built-in / 5'
  • R.A. Setting Circle Accuracy 10 arcminutes
  • DEC. Setting Circle Accuracy 2 degree
  • Encoders Supplied
  • Weight (without counterweight) 7 kg
  • Counterweights 3.5 kg
  • Maximal Loading Capacity 9 kg (without counterweight)
  • Optimal Loading Capacity 6 kg (without counterweight)
  • Operating Voltage 12V / 24V DC
  • Power Consumption 12V : 0.3A (tracking at sidereal rate), 1.3A (high speed slewing), 1.7A (starting) 24V : 0.3A (tracking at sidereal rate), 1.9A (high speed slewing), 1.9A (starting)
  • Tube moutings 2 x M8 screws (separated by 35mm)
  • Mounting Capacities Tube rings, plates and dovetail mounting plates
  • R.A. axis diameter (material) 52 mm (aluminium)
  • R.A. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 14 mm (iron)
  • R.A. gear diameter (material) 74 mm/144 teeth (zinc)
  • DEC. axis diameter (material) 52 mm (aluminium)
  • DEC. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 14 mm (brass)
  • DEC. gear diameter (material) 74 mm/144 teeth
  • Stepper Motors Accuracy 100 pps
  • Slow Motion Speeds 0.1x to 1.9x the sidereal rate
  • High Speed Mode 120x the sidereal rate (12V DC)
  • 240x the sidereal rate (24V DC)
  • Worm gear shaft cycle 10 minutes
  • Tracking Accuracy 10"
  • Autoguiding SBIG ST-4/7 compatible

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