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  Officina Stellare Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes
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Officina Stellare
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Officina Stellare Hiper APO 115 Triplet Refractor OTA

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Officina Stellare Hiper APO 115 Triplet Refractor OTA

Zero Expansion close carbon tube design, 3.5 inches FT focuser. Adjustable focal plane, ventilation fans.


  • Model: Hiper APO 115
  • Type: Triplet APO refractor
  • Clear diameter: 115 mm
  • OTA assembly type: Carbon close tube / CNC aluminum
  • Focal lenth: 805 mm (500 mm @ F/4.3)
  • F / ratio: F/7 native
  • Optical set glass: OK4 triplet APO
  • Interferometric report: Yes
  • Weight: 7.2 Kg
  • Overall OTA length: 680 / 720 mm
  • Overall OTA diameter: 155 mm
  • Spot size (@26 mm from axis, w/flattener): N/A
In all our refractors we use the highest quality optical sets available on the market. We'e currently using the full APO triplet line, from 80 to over 200 mm diameter, designed by Thomas Back and produced at LZOS factory, and other APO triplet objectives developed by our optical designers and produced with the highest quality standards. All LZOS triplet instruments come equipped, as standard, with an interferometric test report. All instruments are tested, verified and collimated before delivery on our autocollimation (double light passage type) optical benchwith an artificial laser star at very high magnification.

The LZOS factory, with its huge structure placed Near Moscow, is a recognized reference point for the manufacture of research instrumentation in the astronomy field and, thanks to the absolute high quality, especially in the professional one. Its productive capacities allow to produce monolithic mirrors up to various meters of diameter, and the company is among the very few capable of producing special raw materials for astronomy.

Besides the life long experience of the technicians and the very modern equipment used, one of the most important strong points on refracting optics manufacturing, is the internal production of all glasses and optic materials necessary for the production of the finished objectives. This allows to control the true characteristics of light dispersion of the single glass casting and the attainment, during the manufacturing of the surfaces and their assembly, of the highest expectations in performance.

Every objective produced is mounted, aligned and tested before delivery to Officina Stellare directly in LZOS.

Our task, thanks to our careful mechanics design and final assembly, is to guarantee the attainment of the max imum theoretical possible performances of the objective. With the help of the page "Essay on Op-tics" written by Thomas Back on his web site, we want to help the customer to have a sharp idea of some definitions widely used on the apochromat refractormarket.

All our refractor OTAs are made of aluminium (6061 anticorodal #7075 ergal) for the rear and front assembly (fully CNC machined) and true carbon-graphite fiber for the tube (high module true carbon-graphite fiber, obtained in high vacuum chamber).

Each OTA is machined to the highest tolerances and is computer optimized to be lightweight with the best structural rigidity. The internal baffles (we use up to 7 internal baffles for the tube, from the lens to very close to the focuser and others directly inside the focuser) are laser cut from stainless steel and glued to the tube with a professional glue.

The true carbon-graphite fiber allows to obtain a very stable focus position at very large temperature variations and is very lightweight, really useful for great diameter refractors.

In our OTAs we use the original lens cell provided by the optics manufacturer, the installation is carried out very carefully and particular attention is used to avoid introducing any mechanical stress on the lenses.

Our dew and light shield is fully retractable to make the tube size very compact for transport.

We put a lot of attention in all our design to prevent any internal reflection (using very opaque paint, even on all the laser cut internal baffles, and black velvet on all other parts) and scattered light. This allows to obtain the maximum performances of the optics.

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