FLI MicroLine CCD Camera, KAF-6303E $7,895.00,  FLI ML6303E,Microscope Digital Cameras CCD Digital Cameras, Best & Cheapest
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  FLI Microscope Digital Cameras CCD Digital Cameras
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FLI MicroLine CCD Camera, KAF-6303E

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Sale Price: $7,895.00
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FLI CCD Camera MicroLine KAF-6303E' ML6303E

Item No. 740-30480
Manuf. No. FLI ML6303E

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FLI CCD Camera MicroLine KAF-6303E, ML6303E

MicroLine Cameras

MicroLine is smaller and lighter-weight than the competition, but outperforms them in key areas such as noise, frame quality, download speeds, bit-depth, and CCD cooling.

Typical performance and features include:

  • Sensor Cooling up to -70 degree C
  • Interline sensor operation at 12 MHz (16-bit)
  • Full frame sensor operation up to 12 MHz (16-bit)
  • Heavy weight performance in a 2.8 lbs package
  • Liquid or Air Cooled base
  • RBI Anti-Ghosting Technology standard
  • Video mode with interline sensors - focus and center images live!
  • Small Footprint (3.7 x 3.7 x 5in.)
  • Reaches operating temperatures in 5 minutes!
  • Single, Dual, or Quad Output Capable
Ideal for:
  • X-ray Applications
  • Fluorescence
  • Bioluminescence
  • Chemiluminescence
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Gel Documentation
  • Astronomical Imaging
  • Digital Radiography
  • Forensic Imaging
The camera is a trendsetting product that offers amazing value: it has the lowest noise, best cooling and the fastest readout speed of any camera in its class. The superior thermal design cools efficiently and reaches stable operating temperatures to permit imaging to begin while other cameras are still cooling down to less aggressive temperatures. The quality of construction is top notch and the resulting product is physically small and light weight. Once again FLI has firmly established their rock solid position at the high end of the camera market that must give their competitors heartburn.

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