Parallax Instruments 14.5 inch Telescope Newtonian Reflector OTA, with precision 2" feather-touch dual-speed focuser $7,850.00,  Parallax Instruments PI370,Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes, Online Store
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  Parallax Instruments Optical Tubes (OTA) Telescopes
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Parallax Instruments
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Parallax Instruments 14.5 inch Telescope Newtonian Reflector OTA, with precision 2

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Sale Price: $7,850.00
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Parallax Instruments Newtonian Reflector 14.5" OTA Telescope w/Feather Touch 2" focuser, 8x50 finder PI370

Item No. 608-10030
Manuf. No. Parallax Instruments PI370

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Parallax Instruments 14.5 inch Telescope Newtonian Reflector OTA, with precision 2" feather-touch dual-speed focuser, PI370

first class construction techniques, components of the highest quality, and the very best optics available combine to produce telescopes fully capable of remarkable performance. Constructed entirely of aluminum with stainless steel hardware, every attention to detail has been given to these fine instruments. Push-pull type primary and secondary mirror cells afford easy yet positive locking collimation adjustments. The optical tube is fitted with lathe turned, knife edge annular baffles. The result is a tube so dark, the primary mirror appears to be floating in space. To our knowledge, no other manufacturer of Newtonians incorporates this painstaking technique to extract the ultimate in image contrast. The light weight, high precision optics assure quick temperature equalization and will provide incredible detail on planetary subjects. The striking high gloss finish of the tubes combine with the "feel" of these telescopes will surely provide their owners with many years of satisfaction.

These telescopes are not "run of the mill" mass produced instruments. our telescopes carry higher prices due to the expense of utilizing only the very finest components.

Many amateurs have contacted us over the years complaining that their apochromatic refractors, although providing sharp, crisp images, just don't show them the ultra fine detail on Jupiter that they saw through a Newtonian at a star party. Our answer to them has been simply that there is no secret here. As Dawes limit suggests, only the larger aperture can resolve the finest filamentary structures on a planetary disc.

These research grade instruments, due to their enormous light gathering and resolving power are capable of both deep sky and planetary performance only dreamed of and represent the ultimate in a personal telescope.

All models carry a focal ratio of F/6, yielding a generous image scale while remaining relatively manageable in physical size. Unparalleled optics, very special optimizing techniques, and the highest quality components are employed throughout.

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