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TeleVue 6mm 1.25 inch 72 degree field Delos Eyepiece

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TeleVue Delos 6mm 1.25" eyepiece 72 Degree EDL-06.0

Item No. 704-09006
Manuf. No. Televue EDL-06.0

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TeleVue 6mm 1.25 inch 72 degree field Delos Eyepiece, EDL-06.0

The 6mm TeleVue Delos is designed for no-holds-barred high power/high contrast solar system and deep space observing with any telescope. It has a long 20mm eye relief that makes it ideal for eyeglass wearers. The majority of eyepieces in this focal length range have much shorter eye relief that makes them problematical for eyeglass use, but that is not an issue with the Delos. With 20mm of eye relief, its full 72 degree apparent field is easily usable with glasses.

There is an adjustable height eyeguard with a soft rolldown eyecup to shield the eye from ambient light (from a neighborıs security light, for example) and improve the image contrast. The eyeguard height can be locked in place at any point desired. The rubber eyecup rotates for use with TeleVue Dioptrx astigmatism correcting lenses.

As a longer eye relief 72 degree field version of the acclaimed 100 degree field 6mm TeleVue Ethos, the 6mm Delos has all the virtues that astronomers have come to expect from an Ethos: high contrast, a neutral color balance, and full field sharpness - with well-controlled astigmatism, field curvature, lateral color, angular magnification distortion correction, and low pupil sensitivity (kidney bean effect) for daytime use.

The 6mm Delos has a 1.25" barrel that is threaded for standard 1.25" eyepiece filters. A safety groove is machined into the chrome barrel to engage your focuser thumbscrew. This will help prevent the eyepiece from falling should the thumbscrew accidentally loosen while observing. The main eyepiece barrel is narrow enough to comfortably use a pair of 6mm Delos in a binoviewer. Rubber grip rings provide a sure grip in cold weather when wearing gloves or mittens. Dust covers are provided for both ends of the eyepiece.

Delos 72 degree Apparent Field Eyepieces

Concept: It was natural to take lessons learned from the tremendously successful Ethos project and apply it going forward. In the fall of 2008, Paul Dellechiaie was tasked to investigate a long eye-relief eyepiece design in the 70 degree AFOV range, retaining the key performance goals met with Ethos. My father named Paul's design, "Delos." Delos is a beautiful Greek island which happens to be the mythical birthplace of Apollo, god of light. More importantly the name was chosen to give recognition to Paul, principal designer of both Delos and Ethos. - David Nagler

Introducing Delos

Tele Vue is pleased to introduce the Delos, mid-to-short focal length line of 20mm eye-relief, 72 degree apparent field of view eyepieces. Every optical, mechanical, and ergonomic aspect was rethought to achieve reference-standard performance for any visual application.

The Delos was conceived as a narrower field Ethos. Reducing the field to 72 degree allowed freedom to increase eye-relief, while controlling pupil aberrations, all without making the eyepiece too large. With Ethos performance standards as benchmarks, the Delos design achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect distortion mapping, and color neutrality. Image fidelity is maximized utilizing glass matched multicoatings and anti-reflection surfaces throughout the eyepiece.

Contrast is further enhanced with a new, continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position. Since the Delos eye-lens measures a quite large 35mm in diameter, preventing stray light from reflecting off the first surface and extraneous light from entering your eye pays off in a nice increase in perceived contrast. The eyeguard's sliding action allows for positioning the soft rubber eyeguard at the ideal height to suit the observer's preference. Indicator marks on the eyepiece body are handy reference guides for setting your perfect position. The eye-guard can also rotate for Dioptrx users.


  • Model # EDL-06.0
  • Focal Length (mm) 6
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1.25"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 72
  • Eye Relief (mm) 20
  • Field Stop (mm) 7.6
  • Weight (lb / oz) 1.00 / 16.0
  • Warranty 5 years

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