SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider, Color $595.00,  SBIG STI-C,Telescope Digital Cameras CCD Digital Cameras, New
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SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider, Color

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Sale Price: $595.00
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SBIG CCD CAMERA ST-I planet cam and autoguider, 1,25", 0.3mp Color, STI-C

Item No. 757-73000
Manuf. No. SBIG STI-C

SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider, Color, STI-C

The SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider offers up a low noise, high sensitivity CCD with an internal mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames. It is powered from USB Port - Standard Guider Output Port. One shot, color ease!

The SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider has an electronic shutter for short exposures. Up to 21 frames per second in focus mode. It has an eyepiece size body (1.25" diameter) and weighs only 2.2 ounces!

A few of the things that set the SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider camera apart from other models offered as planetary cameras / autoguiders: First, SBIG include sa internal mechanical shutter for taking automatic dark frames. This feature alone dramatically improves the performance of the camera particularly when used as an autoguider. Cooling of the CCD to reduce dark current is unnecessary at such short exposure times, but there remains the possibility of hot pixels in an image that can raise the threshold of brightness required for the most sensitive guiding performance.

The ability to automatically take and subtract a dark frame results in a very smooth background against which detection of actual stars is more reliable. In addition, the read noise of the KAI-340 CCD is also quite low. The prototype camera has a measured read noise of only 9 electrons. Finally, SBIG uses a high quality 16 bit A/D converter, not 8-bit or 10-bit. A sample 1 second dark minus dark frame is shown below followed by a 1 second light minus dark frame of the Orion Nebula region. The 1 second light frame, taken with an 60mm guide scope, shows numerous potential guide stars fainter than 11th magnitude, and many more 10th magnitude or brighter.

SBIG Planet Cam and Autoguider Features

  • Low noise, high sensitivity CCD
  • Internal mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
  • Electronic shutter for short exposures
  • Up to 21 frames per second in focus mode
  • 16 bit A/D
  • Eyepiece size body (1.25" diameter)
  • Lightweight - only 2.2 oz.
  • Powered from USB Port
  • Standard Guider Output Port
  • CCDOPS and CCDSoftV5 Software
  • Sensor - Kodak KAI-340 CCD
  • Color or Monochrome
  • Guiding Sensitivity - 11th Mag / 2 sec / 60mm

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