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Astro-Tech Flat Field 16mm 1.25

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Sale Price: $79.99
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Astro-tech Flat Field 1.25" 60 Degree Eyepiece 16mm ATFF16

Item No. 758-20040
Manuf. No. Astro-Tech ATFF16

Astro-Tech Flat Field 16mm 1.25" Eyepiece, ATFF16

The 16mm Astro-Tech Flat Field is a very good medium power eyepiece for lunar observing, resolving globular clusters (and open clusters with short focal length refractors), picking up detail in emission and reflection nebulas, etc. It has a very flat field that keeps your image sharply in focus from one edge of its wide 60 field to the other. This flat field makes it a great match to the new breed of flat field/coma-free catadioptric telescopes. The flat field of the 16mm Astro-Tech lets you scan the lunar surface with a long focal length scope, for example, and see sharply defined craters and rilles filling the entire field, rather than having the image soften and blur disconcertingly towards the edges as you often find is the case with the curved field of conventional eyepiece designs.

When used with short focal length refractors, the Astro-Techs flat field shows you views of open clusters in which all the stars in the cluster are in focus, not just those in the center of the field. Dobsonian owners will also appreciate not having to constantly tweak the focus as objects drift across their field of view. Its 16mm focal length is a good choice for filling in the gap between the 25mm or 26mm eyepiece that comes standard with most scopes and a high power planetary/binary star splitting eyepiece.

This 16mm Astro-Tech Flat Field has a good 15mm eye relief that lets even eyeglass wearers use the eyepiece with virtually no vignetting.

Best of all the 16mm Astro-Tech Flat field eyepiece is priced well below similar design eyepieces from other suppliers, and with double the warranty.


  • Field of view 60 degree
  • Eye Relief 15mm
  • Focal Length 16mm
  • Number of optical elements 5
  • Barrel Size 1.25"
  • Weight 3.6 oz.
  • Warranty 2 years

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