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Explore Scientific
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Explore Scientific 28mm 68 degree field waterproof 2
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Explore Scientific 68 Degree Series 28mm waterproof N2 Eyepiece 2.0" AVAIL AUGUST 2011 EPWP6828-00

Item No. 737-00928
Manuf. No. Explore Scientific EPWP6828-00

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Explore Scientific 28mm 68 degree field waterproof 2" eyepiece, EPWP6828-00

This new 68 degree 28mm Explore Scientific is a high-quality low to medium power wide field 2" eyepiece with an unusual benefit. It is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged to be 100% waterproof. This prevents internal fogging in the eyepiece; keeps the interior dust-and fungus-free; and makes it easier to clean, as there is no risk of excess cleaning solution getting trapped between the lenses.

Many observers feel that a 68 degree field eyepiece like this Explore Scientific hits the ęsweet spot" between the affordable, but ęlooking down a tube" view of conventional 45ę-50 degree field eyepieces, and the full-immersion, but very expensive, observing experience of an ultra-wide field 82 degree or 100 degree eyepiece.

The 2" 28mm Explore Scientific is designed for the serious deep space explorer ę no matter what your telescope type. The calculator below will show you just how wide the field will be with your particular telescope. For example, the 28mm Explore Scientific will give you a 0.95 degree field at 71x with the 2000mm focal length of either a big 17.5" f/4.5 Dobsonian or an 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain. Thatęs almost two lunar diameters and is ideal for observing emission and reflection nebulas and nebula remnants.

While itęs particularly well-suited for use with Dobsonians (it provides a huge 6.2mm exit pupil for rich field observing on an f/4.5 scope, close to the maximum usable), it can provide ępicture window onto space" images with any telescope that can use a 2" eyepiece. With a short focal length refractor such as the TeleVue TV-85, for example, it will give you a huge 3.17 degree field at 21x. This eyepiece would be a welcome addition to any serious eyepiece collection.

The eye relief of this six lens/fully multicoated is an excellent 22mm. That means that the 28mm Explore Scientific can be used by most eyeglass wearers with no vignetting of the field of view. The eyepiece has a soft fold-down rubber eyecup and comes with dust covers for both ends of the eyepiece.

The 68 degree Explore Scientific eyepieces will start shipping in August. They may be in short supply at first, so preorders will be shipped in sequence according to the date that we received your online or telephone order. Preorders will not be charged on your credit card until the eyepieces have been received and are ready to ship. We will post images as soon as they are available.

This individually serial numbered Explore Scientific eyepiece is backed by a limited one year warranty, which is extended to five years when the eyepiece warranty is registered with Explore Scientific within 60 days of purchase.


  • Field of view 68 degree
  • Eye Relief 22mm
  • Focal Length 28mm
  • Number of optical elements 6
  • Barrel Size 2"
  • Warranty 1 year

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